About Us

Private Tutor HQ™ is family owned & operated and was developed in stages by Dave and Amy Jones with the single goal of Helping People Help People™ through Private Tutor Directory, Lab & Foundation.

Private Tutor Directory, LLC was incorporated in 2004. PTDLLC™ is proudly serving local communities around the United States through Private Tutor Directory ... A Network for Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ and Private Tutor Lab ... Connecting Lifelong Learners & Teachers™. Private Tutor Directory was launched nationwide in 2008 and Private Tutor Lab was launched in Westchester County, NY in 2011.

Private Tutor Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in 2010. PTFINC™ is proudly Funding Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ around the United States as an IRS Registered 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Public Charity. Private Tutor Foundation’s own Featured Causes include Oppose Bullying™ & Asperger Talks™.

Private Tutor HQ™ is based in White Plains, NY and serves as the Headquarters for Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ of Private Tutor DIrectory, Lab & Foundation throughout the United States.